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It's All Fun and Games Until Somebody Gets Hurt

(after which, it's just fun!)

We're so special!
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Yeah, this is one of those approval community thingies.
I made it just so I could be an ass to people, though.

Please try to join. Who knows ... I might even let you.

Here's what you do.
Join the community, and post your application within forty-eight hours. In your application, include your NAME, your AGE, WHERE YOU'RE FROM, a short DESCRIPTION of yourself -- what you do, like where you go to school or where you work or whatever, and what you do for fun, and any weird sexual deviancies you'd like to confess (we like those) and so forth, as well as an appearance description -- a paragraph or two on WHY YOU THINK YOU SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO JOIN, and no less than TWO/no more than FOUR pictures of yourself.
Then, prepare for the utter shallowness that always accompanies communities such as this! It's going to be such fun! ONE MORE THING: BE PREPARED TO FIGHT BACK!

Thanks a million, or something.
--from your friendly neighborhood community maintainer, iamparadox

By the way, once you're in: post whatever you want. We can discuss anything. Discussions are fun.